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Reservations for your Artpainting to buy:

Please make your reservation by telephone or sending me a personal message by email, messenger or whatsapp. Art Prices are various from € 200,00 up to € 5000,00.

Reserveringen voor schilderijen:

Maakt u alstublieft uw reservering voor een schilderij per email of telefonisch kenbaar. Ook kunt u bericht sturen via facebook, messenger of whatsapp. Schilderij prijzen zijn variërend van € 200,00 – € 5000,00.

Paintings To Love

by Sophia Oostenenk-Prins

Enschede / The Netherlands

Phone: 0031-(0)6-38826513



Chamber of commerce / kamer van koophandel Enschede nummer: 06068341

Thank you for buying my art.

More information:

Congratulations! By reservation you will get a confirmation and my account details.
You can personally pick up your painting at my atelier or at the gallery exposition.

We will send your package if you live to far away to pick up your beloved painting.

There are sending costs to be paid.

Free Reservations:

You can always make a free reservation for 3 days or longer if needed.


: if you prefer to see the painting first than please make an appointment.


Possible within 14 days.

The painting has to be send back in it’s original packaging and of course without damages.The sending costs are for you. Or bring it back personally.

In case of damages; then we are sorry to tell you that you can not have money back. A painting is a handmade authentique product with high value and should be handled very carefully.


Contact me by phone: 0031-(0)6-38826513

or send your email: